Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One BAD DESIGN I have observed...

Picture 1

Picture 2

This is our school's arrangement of the boys' and girls' toilet on the third floor. As you can see in the picture,both toilets are directly opposite each other.( Picture 1)

If you stand in one of the toilets' door and look directly straight(picture 2), you can see part of the insides of the toilet,and most of the time,the door of the toilet are wide open. (Luckily,I can only see the sinks and some of the doors :P) BTWFYI, I am in the GIRLS' TOILET.

Design suggestion: 
If they can re-build the toilets,they can build it in a way that the toilets are not directly opposite each other. They can build it so that one of the toilets are at one side of the wall and the other toilet on the other side.

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